Not Alone

Amazing quote…

A man alone is a neighbor of God.

–From the film,Β Baran


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No such thing as a Real Job

Always under construction

Confession: I turned my work into a job and the world that mattered the most to me into work.

Lemme ‘splain.

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Yes drill sergeant

My twisted-side ego is like a drill sergeant but one that wants me to fail. It screams in my face when I screw up, fall down, question things.

Real drill sergeants, however, ultimately want you to succeed…or quit.

But wait, maybe that negative side of me is harassing me in order to help me succeed in the end. Could it be that there is a nobler purpose in that berating, negative psyche?

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Bear with me now…

How could something from me want me to fail? Maybe this thing is EXACTLY like a drill sergeant. Maybe I should just answer “yes drill sergeant!”

You freakin idiot! Go faster! “Sir, yessir!”

Look what you did, Lewis! Stop it or you’ll ruin everything! “Sir, yessir!”


I think I heard Titus once say that anxiety is good because that’s how the rent gets paid.




Sleep: done!
Give thanks: done!
Affirmations: done!
Reading: Choose Greatness. Done!
Exercise: done!
Day vertical: F—ING DONE!

Practical tips in managing Depression from Therese Borchard

Therese Borchard: 12 Steps Toward Freedom from Depression

Theresa Borchard’s “12 Steps Toward Freedom from Depression” is a great list of tips. These are things that are good for anybody, but crucial for those managing depression.

There are a lot of great tips but this one is particularly well-put to me. I like her style.

This one is the toughest steps: directing my thoughts is somewhat like a traffic policeman standing out in the middle of a highway during a storm. Some of the drivers (thoughts) get a bit agitated when the dude in the neon vest tells them they can’t go a certain way…that if they do, they will regret it. Oh yes, they will. Because getting their brains out of the gutter (where toxic emotions live) proves more difficult than you think. I have a bunch of creative ways–much like the policeman’s hand signals–in which I like to untwist my distorted thoughts…such as differentiating between fiction (fantasy) and nonfiction (reality) in my busy noggin.

I really appreciate how her tips are not only implementable and practical in the now, but they aren’t magical thinking or fluff. She is honest about how things like this don’t make it all go away. But they do help, they do work, and she has the personal experience to back them up.

Hope is more than wishful thinking...

Hope on…

Goals (courtesy of P Diddy)

I don’t follow him much but I love the punch of this statement. It’s also very convicting.

Take dat!

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Revisiting great books: Possibility of Metaphysics

I’m working on getting back to reading things I love, as well as books that are very helpful, useful, and recommended to me. I believe it’s necessary to inspire me on and focus on the future.

One such book is The Possibility of Metaphysics. I love how Lowe is brash but efficient with his words, and that he gives a wake up call to the rebirth and reality of Metaphysical philosophical enterprise.

Stay tuned for notes… πŸ˜‰

Reflecting on sense

“Isn’t that interesting…”

Mind is a Parachute

“Your mind is like a parachute.”

–Andy Argyris

It only works when it opens

Your Mind is a Parachute

Like a parachute, it works when it’s open. It saves you’re life when it opens. It turns your enemies (gravity, wind resistance) into your best friends.

If it stays closed, you will perish.

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Resetting the sails

β€œIt is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”
–Jim Rohn

Setting the sails

Setting sails

I have spent a lot of time waiting for the right wind. The wind that feels right, smells right, seems convenient…the wind will just blow when and where it will. The right sails can use any wind.

I’m resetting my sails.

Mind: The J.E. Hoover of the Self

Mind turning on itself

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Mind: The J.E. Hoover Control Freak of the Self

It’s amazing to me that the mind is the most unique and autonomous thing about a person, and yet it can hold them hostage at the same time. Even though it is the processing, commanding center of our selves, it is under our personal authority. Yet it is insubordinate to our authority and dominates us on a regular basis.

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