Connecting Dots

He doesn't know a way out, but knows a way IN, Precious...

Figuring OUT


Sometimes I connect dots, of which I do not know whether they are supposed to connect.

I have to try. If I don’t, how can I make any sense of “supposed to”?

*Warning* If you require only happy posts, this one is not for you. It does have light at the end of it though.

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More entries from my Toddler-speak lexicon

By the way, "beast!" is another good word to get kids to smile for pictures

“Booty ana Beast!” Outside the Lego store at Downtown Disney

Since I did get a few requests after my Blup blups post, I had to share a few more entries from my son’s Toddler-speak lexicon. As he continually expands and refines his language usage, I try to write them all down. [Read more…]

Inspired to step up, be a Dad!

I just watched Courageous. Very inspirational. Makes me want to be a better man.

I will! I will be the father to my children and the husband to my wife. I will remember that whatever I am suffering or agonizing or getting tired of at the moment is only in this moment, and I cannot tell the future or how it will all fit together in the end. I will strive for excellence and hope, without fear of embarrassment or having to apologize. I will fight for what is right because it is right and because God loves what is right; I want my children to love the same.


Watching my son take in everything new is amazing. Everything is original and authentic to him. What attitudes and feelings am I exposing him to? What about the things that I don’t realize I’m teaching him? Things I probably don’t want him to learn.

My thinking needs to shift from “be careful—don’t screw up” to “teach something right—love as much as I can.” If I focus on what I do wrong, I’m lost. I need to teach him the things now that will make him a good man, an observant learner, and a wise human being.

Heck no

A screaming toddler at stater bros. taught me what NOT to do. And great acoustics in here. You can soon hear nothing else but him throughout the whole store.

I reckon I’m glad my momma taught me the Vulcan neck pinch and the stink eye, and didn raise no dumb chilren!