Top 5 Kids’ Show characters

Hey Ferb!

Five Characters from Kids' Shows that are Awesome I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I'm still here! Instead of writing something appropriate like where I've been or why the long absence, I am saving that for another time and talking … [Continue reading]

Leave me not alone

The dreaming tree has died

"Tongue tied, nerves as big as boulders Why mom? I thought I was your soldier? My brother sits by me Buckled into the car seat Feel the thirst, it's time for pulling over Into the truckstop on my daddy's shoulder Out back where they plant all … [Continue reading]

Not Alone

Amazing quote... A man alone is a neighbor of God. --From the film,┬áBaran   … [Continue reading]

No such thing as a Real Job

Confession: I turned my work into a job and the world that mattered the most to me into work. Lemme 'splain. … [Continue reading]

Aronofsky’s Noah is Gnostic?

"My word shall not return to me empty"

Really interesting article on why Noah is not a gnostic film. It does a great job of briefing readers on the tenets of Kabbalah and Gnosticism too, some of which I never knew. Even though this was a parenthetical, I found it really interesting and … [Continue reading]

Noah: the film and the hot controversy

"Tell me when help is gonna come"

Noah: The controversy is expected, but the scale of the controversy surprises me As implied in my last post, I am finally adding to the cacophonous hysteria about Noah. I liked it. Let me tell you why. I felt well-enough informed after … [Continue reading]

When an atheist is brutally honest

I listened to a podcast on Reasonable Faith in which Kevin and W.L. Craig discuss this atheist's blasting of fellow atheists' inconsistencies on ethical assertions. (This comment, which originated here, is also discussed rationally … [Continue reading]


Sometimes, the real church is taking place out on the front steps

Humanarium: Creating a Space for Authentic Relationship On a recent Monday, I was listening to Dr. John Coe talking about honesty being the meta-virtue which is the basis for all the spiritual disciplines. Did you catch that? The basis of all the … [Continue reading]

Just discovered Allie Brosh

Her Hyperbole and a Half blog, and now book, are ingenious. … [Continue reading]

Mental Illness and the Christian Church

Looking at the world through a glass, darkly

The Church can be a very sorry companion for the mentally ill, but also can be the greatest source of hope Someone sent this article to me, and I found it short, but so beneficial, that I had to share it here.   Brandon W. Peach writes about … [Continue reading]