Lewis’s favorite coffees

Coffee beans
Here are my favorite roasts (so far):


Starbucks Caffe Verona

Have a well-brewed cup of this with some smooth dark chocolate, and you will understand. You will be enlightened. You will experience another dimension of coffee, going from that stuff you drink to wake up to stuff that takes you to finer states of being.Drop of a Rose



Starbucks Organic Yukon Blend

Yukon River / White Horse, YT.Story has it this roast was designed for fishing boatmen out in otherworldly cold places like the Bering Strait. It’s so hearty and well-rounded that it goes with tons of things and will transport you back to warmer, more comfortable places.


Starbucks Christmas Blend

This coffee is so good and pairs so well with the winter foods we all love, that it catapults the sales of coffee company-wide. 60% of the coffee purchased at Starbucks is during the holiday season with Christmas Blend leading the way. It has aged Sumatra beans in it which give it a cedary spice. Excellent.


Farmer Brothers (Don’t know the exact roast)

I don’t know what it is about their coffee, but they do it well. Maybe it has to do with the donut shop I used to get it at that brewed it perfectly. But their coffee is just fantastic. Farmer Brothers

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