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A while ago a coworker popped into my office and asked, “Quick! What was the name of the dragon in Neverending Story?”

I thought of it before he quite finished. “Falcor,” I said, solidly.

“WHY did you answer that so fast? Why do you know that?!”

I’ve seen that movie a couple of times.

“A couple times in the last few months?”

A couple of times this morning.

Totes proud


Is joke.


Why do I love that story so much? I think my mother is probably one of the major sources to credit. I think Neverending Story is, in spite of it’s weirdness, great literature. I find myself referring to that movie with lessons about life over and over again.


Top 5 Kids’ Show characters

Five Characters from Kids’ Shows that are Awesome

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I’m still here!

Instead of writing something appropriate like where I’ve been or why the long absence, I am saving that for another time and talking about cartoons.

I think I am entitled to talk about cartoons anyway because I’m a parent and I watch the things my son does. Also, I’m a big nerd.

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Toddler Courage – Sonoma wine, Thanksgiving, & Jack Daniel’s Honey

This past Thanksgiving my family visited the Kunde Family Estate Winery in Sonoma. It was a beautiful place and we really enjoyed it. I was excited to see the “Biodynamic” growing policy signs around the property. I’m proud to be clued in on that and participating in that kind of business. But what first got me bent on visiting Kunde Winery was hearing about their caves.

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A great evening in conversation

Friday night I needed to get myself in a place where I could think, read, and get in a good conversation. Not a club, or the average lounge (which to me is just a club with places to sit), but a place where conversation can thrive and people can…just be.

Define that for me

Now isn’t that INTERESTING


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Oil flake

It was raining the other day, and I happened across this in the parking lot.


No two oil flakes are alike

The parking lot was recently resurfaced and the surrounding area looked clean and clear. But then there was this spot of oil that ran just enough to lose its oil-slick identity and make this snowflake-like shape.

I love how these mundane and unattractive objects happened to come together to make something that looks beautiful.

Things that make you feel old


I was all excited to drop a Dumb and Dumber reference at work and my buddy had never seen it! Dude!

I have to stop trying to tie quasi-relevant movie quotes into my daily life. It’s just getting sad. 😉

Confetti is Glorified Trash

Confetti: Is it a good or a service?

Scraps of joy

Scraps of Joy


If you think about it for two seconds, confetti is glorified trash. But of course it is more than that because its purpose is more than the material stuff. The effect is what you pay for. The experience, the fun, the laughter. Once it is down on the ground it is just something to clean up with lingering memories.
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Camping with a toddler is a GO!

I was blessed to go camping with my family–my wife and son–this past weekend. I want to highlight this great little getaway and my joy in being with them. Also, I ignored a warning against camping with a toddler (specifically a 2-year-old), and I’m glad I did.


Fire! I have made fire!

alexis / Pixabay


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Blup blups

“Dada! Blup blups!”

When he has a blup in is hand, he wields it with deadly force.

When he has a blup in is hand, he wields it with deadly force.

This is perhaps my newest favorite of my son’s phraseology. It means golf clubs (or flip flops, or bathtub, depending on the context.)

For a long time now, I have been writing down all of his verbiage to develop a personal lexicon for those who wish to speak with him. It’s helpful for family and babysitters, but mostly, I just treasure it. I love adding everything I hear to it and it’s getting quite impressive. By my count my son regularly uses at least 175 words/phrases. I don’t know where that is on the bell-curve, but people are often impressed how well he uses language and expresses things. He conveys emotions and ideas well, even at two years of age and without the articulation.

In my experience, a lot of parents are hyper-concerned about the language and cognitive abilities of their toddlers. Especially with boys.

He’s struggling with language so we’re putting him in speech therapy.
Me: How old is he?
Sixteen months.
Me: [Pause] Give him time.

I tell all of them pretty much the same thing: don’t worry. I’ve worked with children with officially diagnosed delays, like autism; that’s a different situation, and there’s a lot of hope with those. But every child is different, and the most important thing is guarding their environment (which parents CAN do something about) and giving them a place to learn well, rather than directing their language (which parents really CAN’T do much about.)

For example, challenge them to speak so that they really get what they want. When my son just whines for something, I tell him clearly, “I don’t know what you want. Tell me. Try to use words.” He virtually always makes a go for it.

Maybe I’ll share more of his words as time goes along.

Estacion Wagonini

La Familia!

La Familia!

I snapped this driving the other day, as I had a strange moment. In the words of Scooby, “RRUUGH?!?”

As I pulled up behind it, I squinted and thought, “What is that word where it should say ‘Volvo’?”

Yes, it says Ferrari there under the rear wiper. It even had the iconic horse emblem on the front grill, and matching crests on the hubs of the wheels. Very interesting sense of humor here in HB.