About Me

I am Matt Lewis, and all that entails. IMG_5946

I write because I need to. Remember that line in Shadowlands: “We read to know we’re not alone.”

I write to know I won’t be forgotten. To know that I won’t forget and won’t stop telling stories.

I write about philosophy, psychology, theology, and the integration of the three. I write about the culture I find myself in, my relation to it, and try to laugh about it when I should. I write about being a dad, being a positive influence on others, and even occasional informative posts on coffee and adventures in Starbucks land.

I go to the dark side sometimes, but it’s to find the light in the end.

I am a negativeaholic in recovery. In fact, I’m in recovery from many things, and I warmly welcome readers who are. I warmly welcome people of different persuasions and convictions than me as well, as long as they’re respectful and honest. If you are a misfit, then you have space here.

Bear with me now….


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