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Just discovered Allie Brosh

Her Hyperbole and a Half blog, and now book, are ingenious.


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Mental Illness and the Christian Church

The Church can be a very sorry companion for the mentally ill, but also can be the greatest source of hope

Someone sent this article to me, and I found it short, but so beneficial, that I had to share it here.

Looking at the world through a glass, darkly

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay


Brandon W. Peach writes about many topics, but his understanding and experience with mental illness and the Church’s broadly (but not always) ill-conceived overall response to it–as well-intended as it may be–is more encouraging than anything else.

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Kurt Cobain’s birthday this past Thursday–he would have been 47

I wonder how the rest of the band members feel on this day (February 20th). I wonder how his family feels. I wonder what it was like to have the stomach pains that he endured, created or given.

Do they drag out the old sad stories? Do they work extra hard to keep them put away?

I wonder how Neal Young feels about Cobain quoting his song at the very end of his life:

“My, my, hey, hey,
Rock and roll is here to stay
It’s better to burn out than to fade away
My my, hey hey”

I wish he had stayed with us.

And he didn’t fade away.


Franklin quote on knowledge

The Premier American Scholar

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
–Benjamin Franklin


But just like any other investment, you have to use it and reinvest it to have growth. It’s possible to just sit on knowledge, not doing anything with it.

The challenge is knowing when and where to use it–that’s when mere knowledge becomes wisdom.

Personal “secret menu” creation today–chocolate cinnamon coffee smoothie

OpenClips / Pixabay

Whipped this up today at Starbucks and it’s fantastic. I’ll be getting this one again, and again.

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Connecting Dots

He doesn't know a way out, but knows a way IN, Precious...

Figuring OUT


Sometimes I connect dots, of which I do not know whether they are supposed to connect.

I have to try. If I don’t, how can I make any sense of “supposed to”?

*Warning* If you require only happy posts, this one is not for you. It does have light at the end of it though.

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30 Seconds of Vulnerability–What a child can do

I love reading This is a pretty good list, and makes me appreciate the exponential power of having two little, wonderful “folly machines” at once. 😉

What My Kids Do During the 30 Seconds It Takes Me to Leave the Room and Pee: A Non-Exhaustive List

Groundhog Day — A Perfect Movie

I read an interview with someone once (I think he was an entrepreneur) who said that Groundhog Day is a “perfect movie.” As a psychotheosopher, I think finding a “perfect” anything is super interesting and theoretically impossible. So it stuck in my memory!

After years of watching this beloved film over and over (usually on Groundhog Day every year but any time is good) since it was originally released in theaters, I have come to agree wholeheartedly with this statement.

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