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Come Alive

Wow. What do you think of this?

Weird Plurals: Great English reference videos from Merriam-Webster

I just discovered Merriam-Webster videos! Where have I been?!?!

For all my fellow word-nerd friends, and especially for all my English students, these are great.

Ever really wondered about why…



If you are even the least bit curious, watch this video from Kory Stamper. It is the best sum-up of the odd and wild history of the English language I’ve ever heard.



Wait what?...


Okay, I had to drop this obscure cult-pop reference here.

Room with a moose...goose...geese..meese...moosez

Room with a moose…goose…geese..meese…moosez

UPDATED: Functional “Secret Menu” drinks from Starbucks

Functional Drinks at Starbucks

UPDATED: Starbucks has fully rolled out Teavana teas in their stores, a big but pleasant change. I will give my recommendations below, especially for the increasingly popular “Medicine Ball.”

Synergy of beverage and composing

Synergy of beverage and composing

Starbucks can make countless drinks that are off the menu. The most popular are really sweet novelties trying to taste like candy bars, and are usually blended, but some are very useful for when you need a big push or are feeling under the weather. They help you get through those challenging times, so I call them functional drinks.

UPDATE: Starbucks acquired Teavana some time ago. While the relationship has slowly been developing between the two, Starbucks only recently completely replaced their Tazo lineup with Teavana teas.





As your very own Blogrista, and having been asked about these drinks numerous times, I want to clue you in on them. Here are a few of those not-so-secret “secret menu” drinks in order of what I think are most helpful.

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Oil flake

It was raining the other day, and I happened across this in the parking lot.


No two oil flakes are alike

The parking lot was recently resurfaced and the surrounding area looked clean and clear. But then there was this spot of oil that ran just enough to lose its oil-slick identity and make this snowflake-like shape.

I love how these mundane and unattractive objects happened to come together to make something that looks beautiful.

Stop Therapy – Just, Stop It!

Stop Therapy: Stop It!

Why doesn’t this happen more often? It’s extremely sound and useful instruction. People eventually come to accept this but why does it take so much force?

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Ben Carson: he’s got my vote so far


CHARGE! Attitude in the American West

I’m starting a new category on MyBrainBlinks for those moments that make me want to get up and face a Leviathan.

This movie clip is so awesome, I think I need to watch it regularly. If you haven’t seen Silverado, it’s a fun movie with an awesome cast.

Emmet (Scott Glenn here) had just been beaten, kicked by a horse repeatedly, and practically left for dead. Pretty bleak situation. But on Danny Glovers update, he just rips off his head dressing and reaches for the second amendment.

Concussion?…ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!!

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Mind: The J.E. Hoover of the Self

Mind turning on itself

geralt / Pixabay

Mind: The J.E. Hoover Control Freak of the Self

It’s amazing to me that the mind is the most unique and autonomous thing about a person, and yet it can hold them hostage at the same time. Even though it is the processing, commanding center of our selves, it is under our personal authority. Yet it is insubordinate to our authority and dominates us on a regular basis.

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