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Trapped in our history

People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them.
James Baldwin


History Repeating

Trapped in our history


Things that make you feel old


I was all excited to drop a Dumb and Dumber reference at work and my buddy had never seen it! Dude!

I have to stop trying to tie quasi-relevant movie quotes into my daily life. It’s just getting sad. 😉

Make a Fist: Nature’s Improvised Antidepressant

This is a grouper.


Depression, staring you down, wondering if it can eat you

They get huge.

I visited the Bahamas with my family as a teenager. I remember the guide who took us snorkeling–Levi was his name–and how he told me that he used to feed fish at the aquarium. He fed these giant grouper which, he said, were so big that sometimes when he held out the food they would try to swallow his whole arm. I thought that was a little unnerving but he was, of course, completely nonchalant.

“How do you make them let go?” I asked him.

“You just make a fist in their mouth, and push. Then they back off.”


I sometimes get the feeling that my ego, depression, circumstances, whatevah, are slowly trying to swallow me like a big, ugly fish. Sometimes I don’t even need an equal or greater opposing force–all I have to do is make a fist, and push. Every time I do, it reminds me who is doing the feeding here and who is in charge.


More entries from my Toddler-speak lexicon

By the way, "beast!" is another good word to get kids to smile for pictures

“Booty ana Beast!” Outside the Lego store at Downtown Disney

Since I did get a few requests after my Blup blups post, I had to share a few more entries from my son’s Toddler-speak lexicon. As he continually expands and refines his language usage, I try to write them all down. [Read more…]

Fall Food link

Following from my post on How to find your perfect drink at Starbucks, I just came across this little tidbit on Fall foods that is pretty interesting. This is the kind of stuff that adds another dimension to the seasonal, savory drinks like Salted Caramel Mocha and Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Both of which I recommend hot.)

Pumpkin Spice Latte






This one in particular, on Picca: Peruvian and Japanese fusion food, looks incredible. I should get more Peruvian food in my diet. 😉

Amazing Comeback




Second, I love this commercial.

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Confetti is Glorified Trash

Confetti: Is it a good or a service?

Scraps of joy

Scraps of Joy


If you think about it for two seconds, confetti is glorified trash. But of course it is more than that because its purpose is more than the material stuff. The effect is what you pay for. The experience, the fun, the laughter. Once it is down on the ground it is just something to clean up with lingering memories.
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