Noah: the film and the hot controversy

Noah: The controversy is expected, but the scale of the controversy surprises me

As implied in my last post, I am finally adding to the cacophonous hysteria about Noah.

I liked it. Let me tell you why.

Imagine, if you can, watching the whole world you’ve come to know literally wash away.

I felt well-enough informed after reading Phil Cooke’s piece on the film, knowing how solid he is on all the related issues, and because he had actually seen it. I trust him and his opinion on most things. So I had nothing to fear, and I wanted to be clued in on discussions.

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Aronofsky’s Noah is Gnostic?

Really interesting article on why Noah is not a gnostic film. It does a great job of briefing readers on the tenets of Kabbalah and Gnosticism too, some of which I never knew.

Even though this was a parenthetical, I found it really interesting and not surprising:

This is something to keep in mind, by the way, when people casually describe Aronofsky as an “atheist”. See also this interview in The Atlantic, where Aronofsky, asked about his spirituality, said: “I think I definitely believe. My biggest expression of what I believe is in The Fountain. And that kind of sums it up. And it’s hard for me to put it into words to describe. That’s why I made a movie about it. I tried to do it in sound and image and in dialogue and character. If people want to get a sense of what I’m thinking and doing, I still subscribe to the ideas in that movie.

Always leave room for hope. ;-)


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